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In re Private Danny Chen, Lead Advocate as President of OCA-NY Asian Pacific American Advocates for justice for Private Danny Chen, a 19 year old soldier found dead in Afghanistan after being subjected to unrelenting racial maltreatment and hazing.  This two and half year nationwide campaign for justice led to 8 superiors being found guilty and discharged from the Army, President Obama signing an anti-hazing law, and city approval for a street sign, “Private Danny Chen” in Manhattan’s Chinatown.



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In re Mohammad Sarfaraz Hussain, Counsel, a case that spanned 11 years and included representation in 2003 removal proceedings for a teenage star basketball player who faced deportation after complying with special registration; securing deferred action to avoid removal; and representation in 2006 political asylum claim, 2008 application for lawful permanent residence, and 2014 citizenship application.

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In re Qing Wu,  Counsel on citizenship application after receiving governor’s pardon in 2010 for teenage criminal record.  Mr. Wu, at age 29, was facing removal from the U.S. after he applied pro se for citizenship because of a teenage criminal record.  OCA-NY was the lead advocacy organization seeking a governor’s pardon to stop the deportation. This case led to Governor Paterson creating a Special Immigration Pardon Panel that resulted in 30 immigrants receiving pardons for teenage and/or old minor convictions including those in armed services, ordained ministers, and mothers of minor children.


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Huang v. City of New York, et al., 95 Civ. 2822 (E.D.N.Y. 1995), Lead counsel, a federal civil rights lawsuit involving the fatal shooting of a 16 year old Chinese boy in the back of the head by a New York City police officer.  Case settled for $400,000.



Diaz, et al. v. Silver, et al., 95 Civ. 2591 (E.D.N.Y. 1995), Co-counsel for defendant-intervenors, defended voting rights challenge to the 12th Congressional District, a majority Latino district which contained an Asian American influence district.  The Court found that the Asian American community in Brooklyn and Manhattan constituted a community of interest and should be kept together.  The Asian American community remained intact with a large Latino population.

Mak, et al. v. Fall River Housing Authority, 95-11796 (D. MA. 1995), Co-counsel, a federal civil rights lawsuit that resulted in a settlement agreement containing institutional reforms to increase safety for all tenants.  This lawsuit was prompted by a 1993 racially motivated murder of a Cambodian male on the premises of the Housing Authority.

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