Course Evaluations

“Your class was one of the “starting points’ of my personal education about issues of race and identity. To this day, I still talk about the lessons I learned from you about Vincent Chin, Korematsu and immigration reform. If you recall, Arizona SB1070 was front of mind at that time. I am so grateful you were able to push me to confront these issues during such a formative time in my life, which equipped me for some of the most important conversations I have today. The lessons you taught don’t make news like yesterday (March 16, 2021 killing of 8 people in Georgia, six of whom were Asian massage workers) any easier to digest, but give your students the benefit of context and, ultimately, empathy.” – Kevin Hsu, 2011 NYU Student, Graduate of UC Hastings School of Law

“I originally took your course as a requirement towards my Law and Society minor and it ended up being one of my favorite classes I’ve ever been a part of at NYU. You really helped make it an inspiring and powerful experience and it was one I definitely won’t forget in the future.” – Anastasios Z., Fall 2020 NYU student

Being an International Relation concentrator within the political science major, prior to [OuYang’s] courses, I believed I wanted to practice international law, however [OuYang’s] tutelage has piqued my interest in civil rights law.  The more I have thought about my own immigrant community (I am a first generation American; both my parents emigrated from Israel), the more I have understood that all immigrant communities face challenges that can better be addressed by coming together.  As a lawyer, I hope to have a part in this.”- T. Huberman, Spring 2014 Columbia student, Graduate of Harvard Law School

“This was one of the best classes I have taken at NYU.  The content is fascinating and Professor OuYang is a gifted lawyer whose personal stories often resonate more with the class than the reading assignments.”- Anonymous-Fall 2013 NYU student

“I count Professor OuYang’s course among one of the greatest influences on my decision to pursue a career in public interest law.  The course introduced me to the constitutional context of the civil rights struggles, past and present, of immigrants and communities of color.  Professor OuYang is an earnest and passionate professor; her course and the sincerity of her teaching style are imbued with the weight of the subject matter.  Six years after being a student of Professor OuYang’s, I am graduating from NYU Law and have accepted my first job as an attorney at the National Domestic Workers Alliance where I will help secure labor protections for low-wage workers, the majority of whom are immigrant women.  I am truly grateful to have had Professor OuYang as a teacher.”- M. Marron, Spring 2009 Columbia Student and 2015 Graduate of New York University Law School

“It’s all thanks to [OuYang] and [her] class that I was first introduced to immigrants’ rights and the law.  I’ve now been at the ACLJ Immigrants’ Rights Project for the last 15 months-finally working in immigration. I remain interested in and committed to that cause and would like to pursue it through law school.” – M. Villarreal, Fall 2008 Columbia student

“[OuYang] has taught me so much about immigration rights, but [her] passion and diligence to champion equality for all has inspired me to no end.  I’m so glad I took Constitutional Challenges with [OuYang] so long ago because it has inspired me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be.” – L. Lee, Fall 2008 Columbia Student and 2014 Graduate of Boalt School of Law

In the May/June 2010 Columbia College Today , N. Cain, a Fall 2005 student explained his decision to accept a job with Orphans of Rwanda, a non-profit group dedicated to helping young people affected by the 1994 Rwandan genocide attend college.  The article stated “Remembering a particularly inspirational class on the treatment of minorities taught by Liz Ouyang his senior year, Cain was intrigued.”  Within a few months, he had accepted a job with the organization.

“Liz is a very proactive and intelligent professor who I respect and admire.  While I may not always agree with her, I know she has my best interest in mind.  Professors like that are hard to come by, especially Professors of color.”- Anonymous, 2005 NYU Student

“Professor OuYang is a phenomenal professor because she mixes the passion for teaching and her experience in the legal system into the classroom.  Her energy and ability to convey each case to present day situations or give the class an understanding of how the political environment must have been like in the past, teaches us that there is much more social justice that must be won before we can truly say we have succeeded as a country.”- K.  Lewis, Spring 2004 NYU Student

“When the Department for Homeland Security . .. instituted Special Registration for listed countries, I thought it was a great idea and thought it should have been instituted a lot sooner, despite the hardships it caused for immigrants.  I believe that it was the cost of securing America.  Even though my thoughts countered Prof Ouyang’s opinion on the subject she never held it against me in class discussion or in grading my papers.  In time, I understood her points and it changed my opinion.  No documentary or newspaper article would have done that.” – R. Carter, Spring 2003 NYU Student

“After seeing [OuYang] speak so passionately about the rights she believes in, I gained confidence that I could go to law school to advocate for rights that I believed in.  I have always loved working with, teaching, and mentoring children, so now I am currently training to become a guardian ad litem for abused and neglected children through the organization Child Advocates in Houston, Texas.”- J. Lee, Spring 2003 NYU Student

“[OuYang]’s class was the best I have ever taken at NYU so far.  I miss it.  It was a lot of work, but I always felt satisfied especially since everything I did in [her] class and everything I have learned I have in some way used, reflected on, discussed with my peers and others after the class was over.  I’m also a poet/writer and for the first time my materials has been politically motivated.  I had my peers really moved and it was all because of [OuYang’s] class.” – E. Duroseau, Fall 2003 NYU Student

“[OuYang]’s class has been one of (if not) the best class I’ve taken at NYU, and I really appreciated learning all the things that other classes never talk of.”- B. Hafiz,  Fall 2003 NYU Student